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Instant Help Pro automatically generates
a complete help system out of a Visual C++ project,
automatically upgrading the project and C++ source files
for showing the generated help files,
and lets you edit the help files later with the own editor.
The same project file will be used to generate both kinds of help files.

In a few minutes you get:
Full context-sensitive help for all program elements in three languages
( english, german, french ), pages for often used topics, automatically generated
icons and images, full navigation, with indexing, search, and browsing.
You can easilly insert new text, images, links, or new topics.
The resulting program will use HTML help (CHM files) or WinHelp(HLP files).
You need no programming to achieve this. We insert the necessary code for you.
We also create the complete projects for the resource DLL in the target language
and include the projects in the main workspace.

Download your fully functional and multilingual version from

Program details

Following files will be generated or updated.
In the .H and .CPP files, support will be added for context-sensitive help and multilingual help, either WinHelp only, or HTML Help with fallback to WinHelp. You can however disable the updating of the source files.
For all types of resources graphical representations will be generated.
Your toolbars will be split in images for each button, and an additional representation of the toolbar will be created, as well as an image for your program icon.
We put the name of the program in the standard RTF files.
A new RTF file will be generated, including a page for each program element and for main topics.
HTML files will be generated, including a page for each program element, for indices and for the main topics.
The .CNT and .HPJ files will be extended for the new files and topics.
The MAKEHELP.BAT file will be extended to compile all the help projects for all languages.
HHC, HHK and HHP files will be generated, in case you wish to compile the HTML project. You can choose to automatically compile the generated files.
Resources which are kept in the main resource file, will be saved in separate resource DLLs for each language.
The projects and workspaces will be modified to include the new projects.

Use the results.
The resulting program will use a subdirectory for each language, at the moment DEU, ENG and FRA. Each of them will contain the help files and the resource DLL.
You can edit the file Export_All.bat to export all the necessary compiled files for execution or installation.
The files to be compiled are placed in a subdirectory HLP and HTML of the above.
Your installation program will need to create the DEU, ENG, and FRA directories, and to copy the .CNT and .HLP, or the CHM files from the corresponding project directory.
The HTML and GIF files can be transferred directly to your server, or you can compile
the HHP file and distribute the compiled project.
For the resource DLL, up to three projects are created in subdirectories of the main project, and included in the main workspace.
The generated program will show help and resources in the system language, but you can easily implement the dynamical change of the program language.

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