Free Graphics

  • We offer:

    • Complete design of your sites.
    • Full navigation capabilities.
    • Frame protection. Out of foreign frames. Reloading your main frame.
    • Switching between framed and frameless mode.
    • Switching between visual and text mode.
    • Java scripting.
    • Text, Tree, Imagemap and visual, mouse sensitive menus.
    • Banners, Logos, Animations.
    • Compatibility with currently used browsers.
    • New !
    • Do it yourself with our tool: Download the Menu Wizard !
      • Generates three-state graphical buttons.
      • with every font you choose, every color, bevel, shadows, blur.
      • Globally optimizes the colors palette.
      • Generates HTML code for frames and menus.
      • Transports your files on the server.
      • Best choice for Web designers and home page owners !
      • WYSIWYG. Shareware. 15 days free trial.
      Download now !


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