Menu Wizard
Menu Wizard

Yes So, you like these fancy sites, with mouse-reacting 
buttons ? Developed by a professional designer ? 
Make your site look alike with a couple of clicks ! 
No programming, no additional program needed !

You obtain more,
a full programmed Menu System,
with Frames !

Try it for free now !  

Download your fully functional copy.  

Improve your own site.  

Improve your productivity as a Web designer. 

  • Multilingual version (English+French+German)    $60, 15 days free trial
  • Mehrsprachige Version (Deutsch, English, Französisch), DM 99, 15 Tage frei
  • Version polyglotte (Francais, Anglais, Allemand), FF 300, 15 jours gratuit
Version 2.7 from 3rd January 1999

For Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.
Download MENUWIZ1.ZIP and unpack it in a new directory.
Read the file README.TXT before starting the program.
Then start SETUP.
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