Products and Services
Here an excerpt from our activities and projects. 

If you need software, just call or place an E-Mail request.

Software development for the future
We are continously looking for innovative projects. 

We use latest technologies and tools. 

We are glad to meet new people and see new sites.

Web design
Just describe your hobbies and family, 
or present your company to the internet community. 

Ready for eBusiness ? 

Get your site functional and personalized.

Communications Server and Clients
Used to exchange data between over 3000 insurence agents and the parent company, download and install software releases. 

Using multiple LAN and WAN technologies.

Emulators, Configurations Server
Used for ticketing, check-in and boarding in Airports 
and for reservations in travel agencies. 

An inteligent system ! 

And still growing...

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Georg Scheidel Communication Software

  Georg Scheidel Communications Software
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